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Welcome to Fintech Capital Sdn Bhd.

Fintech Capital is a private limited company that develops mobile applications (mobile apps). These applications are designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets — both on Android and iOS.


Our technical team consists of programmers with a combined experienced of more than 20 years of experience in web programming and development; as well as integrated back office system of various kinds — the type of applications where you will notice is there when the system goes down.


Fintech Capital is also involved with projects related to the web such as Creative Web Design & Web Multimedia Development, progressing to Mobile Apps development and training.

And we have expanded our services with a state-of-the-art pre- and post-production and recording studio, Lifeboat Studio. The recording studio is a one-stop professional recording studio that is fully equipped with the current technology in the recording studio industry. Our recording studio is positioned to work for a wide range of clients ranging from individual music artists to corporate organisations such as branding and advertising agencies.


We are not just going to be engaged in the recording music for musicians, but we will also open our doors to corporate organisations who would want to record jingles for advertisement purposes and also authors who would want to record their audio books and other related works.


This studio also aims to tap into the market of audio post production and music label. We also provide professional animation, advertising and event management services.

Talent and passion win the game, and our team has even more.

We believe in the perfect match of TRUST, TIME and TECHNOLOGY to connect the future where ever we look.

Al Khan

We vary in our fields of expertise

Big Data

Delivering business outcome; not just managing data. We views Big Data as a catalyst for business transformation and enables this through our industry-focused themes namely Business Insights, Future-ready Enterprises, Hyper-Automation and Next-Gen Products.

Product Engineering

Create ground breaking products that set new benchmarks in today’s every-changing world. Fintech Capital’s Product Engineering Assist (PEA) facilitates revolutionary product and engineering transformation across industries


With a strong heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship in technology services, we help you leverage the potential from digital technologies like AI, automation, and Cloud. Our large global team of consultants work flexibly with you to deliver transformation, be it commercial models, advisory or end-to-end execution.


We bring respected and well-recognized advisory services to clients on blockchain technologies, construct blockchain networks and tailor solutions leveraging our COE (center of excellence) combined with our powerful blockchain partner ecosystem.

SaaS Market Place

SaaS marketplace is a highly scalable, user-configurable e-commerce web store interface, providing a familiar online shopping experience to publish the cloud service catalog


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