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Product Management System

Project management software has the capacity to help plan, organise and manage resource tools. Depending on the sophistication of the software, it can manage estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems.

Today, numerous PC and browser-based project management software and contract management software solutions exist, and are finding applications in almost every type of business.

Crypto Web Wallet

Why compromise either your convenience or security when it comes to choosing your online wallet? Fintech Capital’s Crypto Web Wallet treats you like a VIP with our unique technology.

Check your balance or receive funds with unmatched ease and security, even while you are leisurely lounging at your favourite coffee house tethered on a public Wi-Fi.


Crypto iOS and Android Wallet

This digital wallet refers to an electronic service that allows users to perform electronic transactions, like online shopping on their iOS or Android devices.

These wallets offer the perfect solution as a faster and easier payment platform.

Digital Asset Exchange

Digital asset exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform that uses cryptocurrencies as payment currency. It is is a growing platform designed for the cryptocurrency community boasting innovative methods used to resolve usability issues related to virtual currencies.

Cryptocurrency as an alternative payment system has steadily gained acclaim and amassed a notable pool consisting of investors, entrepreneurs and consumers alike. An illustrious craze, it has all been made achievable with blockchain technology.


Lunapay (Payment Gateway)

Introducing Lunapay, a Payment Gateway for all your online payments and transactions. Merchants and buyers will greatly value the expediency featured here.

Got your sights set on a product online? Be it blogs or any social media platforms, make your purchases and pay directly to the seller. They will be notified via SMS and FPX once your payment is successful.

Crypto to Fiat Exchanger System

Fintech Capital provides an extensive set of services for users of Bitcoin.

Our platform permits users to easily trade fiat money with cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Our platform further offers customised and straightforward trading panels and margin trading.


Remittance Service

The customary way to remit money has been known to be time consuming, not to mention costly. Common remittance alternatives to banks abrouad charge near to exorbitant fees on top of undesirable exchange rates.

Why not remit with cryptocurrencies? Unreasonable remittance charges and agencies are things of the past, and with a decentralised app, smart phones have become the most convenient medium to remit funds home to loved ones.


With the implementation of a marketplace where merchants and prospects meet, demand will be created. Online shoppers can relish in jubilation and await for the market place specific and targeted market. It is truly a haven for the avid and the onlookers.

Merchandise such as household goods to technology, and even jet skis and power boats can all go into shoppers’ online cart.



It is commonplace for sellers and buyers to experience mistrust when facing online transactions of high importance. How do they minimise risk and proceed warily yet comfortably? Fintech Capital provides Escrow services that eliminate suspicions and referees with impartial transparency.

As the referee, an escrow holds and regulates payments involved in any given transactions for two parties.

Security is primary as all funds are kept by escrow and only released to respective parties once all terms of the transaction have been met.


Get ahead of your own schedule and skip the queue. SmartQ allows users to easily book that hospital appointment, see your bank officer, or meet your dentist for that tooth extraction.

No more clashes, no more waiting and no more wondering when your next appointment will be.



A Telekom Malaysia project, e-Donaton app is a platform that connects donors and recipients wherever they are and at any time.

In times of need, help is just at a button tap away

Let’s Makan

Users can now experience an app that not only brings a great dining experience but has more added value.

Check the menu before hand, complete with price and details of the ingredients. This will definitely help them keep track of the billing.


Nutritious Goodness

Find out what’s going on with your food, as this app scans and grades what you eat based on their ingredients. Educate yourself on nutrition and get healthy suggestions for a more balanced diet.

Eat tasty, healthy, real food while keeping track your calories and workouts.

Home Management

Home management is an app between residents and their management. They can update any activities and residents can make payments for their bills and utilities.

Residents can also report any defect in their unit without having visit the management office or even inform security and management when having guests over as the residence can be monitored by anyone.


Zakat Calculator

The Zakat Calculator is an Islamic app for Muslims to calculate Zakat on their possessions and yearly earnings. This unique app features an easy but accurate method to calculate the amount of Zakat.

Just enter the values of your earnings and personal belongings into the required fields and the app will calculate the amount.

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